Complex Projects

Considering the critical need for Pipework in our lives – to transport water and other liquids, carry slurries to a processing plant, load ships, drain drains, distribute fuel where it is needed, remove gas or dispose of wastes, it is important that pipework is adequately protected from the environment. Many pipelines are underground or hidden within the walls of a building, which increases the need for it to be protected from corrosion – By using Ferro-Clean, once your product is installed, you can be assured the coating will provide maximum performance and ensure a happy client for years to come.


Ferro-Clean views pipework as a major product line, and has good economies of scale due to the large quantities of pipework processed, meaning high quality and low costs can be achieved together. The consistent quality and standard of service remains the same throughout the job, fulfilling all commitments. The attention to detail by our experienced applicators ensures that nothing is missed.

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