As a result of strenuous training and product testing, Ferro-Clean now offers workshop-based Fireproofing Application for structural steelwork. Multiple suppliers and products are regularly tested to provide a reliable and cost-effective service. Ferro-Clean is an approved applicator of Cafco™ products, and has processed numerous large projects in Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 – a water-based intumescent coating of polyvinyl acetate resins and fillers. In a fire, a chemical reaction takes place causing the Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 to expand and form an insulating layer which slows the temperature of the steel rising to a critical level.

The 50 years of experience in applying coatings is an excellent base upon which Ferro-Clean can expand and fulfil the need in the WA Market for an applicator who will provide the quality and expertise required to meet a delicate and challenging paint specification. Ferro-Clean acknowledges that fireproofing is a difficult coating to apply, therefore we take meticulous care to ensure items are coated exactly as per the specification and manufacturers recommendations.

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