Case Study 7

Aldi Supermarket at Lakeside Joondalup

Helping Project Managers balance project lifespan, quality and schedules – and keep within budget!

The Project


Over 70 Aldi Supermarkets are to be built in W.A. as part of Aldi’s $400m plan to expand across Australia. The construction of these stores will boost the local economy, and are already providing jobs across the state.


The first Aldi store is already under construction at Lakeside Joondalup – the biggest shopping center in Western Australia, and is scheduled to open in 2016.


This store required 70T of steelwork for indoor and structural purposes, which had to be protected from corrosion and the elements in an economical way.

The Challenge


One of the common challenges that project managers face is how to complete a project at the lowest costs without reducing the quality or lifespan of the project.


Compared to other coating methods, painting structural steelwork in zinc (which is equal to galvanizing) or ‘red oxide’ zinc phosphate primer is very cost effective. Spray-applied coatings are an advantage because the steel does not come under heat stress during the coating process.


The Project Manager made a wise choice by specifying a Red Oxide Zinc Phosphate primer for the steelwork.

The Solution


As usual, the project was completed to requirements and on time – Ferro-Clean’s expertise made it easier to get what was needed at the right cost and without delays.


The reliability and consistency of Ferro-Clean’s work builds trust with the builder and the end user, meaning customers have a greater opportunity for repeat business.


Ferro-Clean helps project managers to make economical choices on the job – If you need technical assistance or help with a specification, please feel free to ask our friendly staff – they will be glad to help you.

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