Case Study 4

Masters Joondalup Store

The challenges of painting a 13,500m2 store in six different paint systems!

The Challenge


In 2013, a new 13,500m2 Masters store in Joondalup was built, requiring 200 tonnes of steelwork. Although this was the 5th store in Western Australia, the client had not yet had success with the protective coatings application.


The complexity of the project was the six different paint systems. Previous applicators had inadequately managed this, resulting in coating failure and costly site rework.


Due to transport requirements and the size of the roof rafters, it seemed that a short-term storage facility was required to hold the steel until it was needed on site.

Structural Steel Painting with Epoxy Coatings in Perth

The Solution


Ferro-Clean presented a range of options to the client, including a large storage area at one of the three sites, meeting the request for ‘the right steel at the right time’.


Ferro-Clean’s large capacity meant a 1600m2 climate-controlled shed was able to be used solely for the project, resulting in cost-effective processing and quick loading.


The different paint systems were simply incorporated into Ferro-Clean’s job tracking system, resulting in complete traceability for all items. Ferro-Clean’s experienced team processed the job to an immaculate gloss finish.

The Outcome


The Ferro-Clean team lived up to their reputation.


The attention to detail and care shown throughout the process – from arrival to dispatch, meant the project ran smoothly. Ferro-Clean’s capacity and capability ensured the store opened as planned on 16th October.


By using Ferro-Clean, you can be rest assured your job will be completed when promised, without quality issues or any hidden surprises – saving you time & money and also improving the relationship between you and your clients.

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