Case Study 1

Perth Arena

Perth’s $550m Entertainment Complex required quality protective coatings to stand the test of time.

The Project


The Perth Arena is not an everyday sight.

Dubbed the ‘squashed beer can’ by some, it is actually a very sophisticated steel structure, combining modern architecture with an impressive state-of-the-art venue.


This half-a-billion-dollar sport and entertainment complex seats 15,000 people, contains 36 luxury suites, a 680 bay car park and a 320 tonne computerized moving roof.


The stringent protective coatings specification required third-party inspection, to ensure this iconic work of art is protected from the elements for years to come.

The Challenge


The Perth Arena was a large and complex job. Beginning in 2009, it ran for three years until it was opened in late 2012. The project required over 4,000 tonnes of steel to be shop-painted, consuming over 40,000 litres of paint.


The tricky design of the steelwork complicated the job, and some areas required a three-coat paint system.


Being a government project, strict deadlines had to be met, and onsite storage in the city was very limited.


Luckily, the Project Managers knew where to turn…

The Solution




A fifty-year reputation of unbeatable quality and service positioned Ferro-Clean as the ideal applicator.


Ferro-Clean’s capacity and ability to process large and complicated items with high quality and fast turn-around meant the protective coatings stage went like a dream.


A team effort and cooperation with the builder and transport firms meant quality, cost and time requirements were met, developing a good relationship with the client.

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