Ferro-Clean recognises the key requirement for consistency when processing componentry, and has structured processes around large batch sizes, resulting in a uniform finished product, and at the same time providing efficient workflows to ensure the price is cost-effective.

Ferro-Clean now offers workshop-based Fireproofing Application for structural steelwork. Multiple suppliers and products have been tested to ensure a reliable and cost-effective service is provided.

Ferro-Clean specialises in handrail coatings, having painted an estimated 1,550 Kilometres (and counting) over the last 50 years! Ferro-Clean’s high-quality finish gives your product a superior touch, bringing added value to your product and resulting in a very pleased end-client that will recommend your product every time.

From the Perth Arena to Kalgoorlie Gold Mine, Ferro-Clean has provided epoxy paint application for many different and varied projects. A lot of projects have multiple paint systems and difficult structural steel items, which require an expert applicator to get it right.

Ferro-Clean has over 50 years experience providing abrasive blasting and paint application for construction projects in Perth, and have developed methods to ensure that our part of your project is Done Right – and On Time.