Siemens Warehouse Case Study

Siemens Warehouse Case Study

One of many new construction projects in Western Australia resulting from the past mining boom!

In 2013, the multi-disciplined provider Siemens won a contract to supply the Roy Hill Iron Ore mine, and in 2015, made the decision to set up a service centre in Perth, Western Australia.
A typical commercial warehouse includes steelwork for the columns, roof trusses, and bracing, which are a critical component of the structural framework of the building. It is vital that these steel items are protected from the elements, to prevent the structure from rusting and causing structural failure.
For example, the $6m Siemens building contained around 120 tonne of Structural Steel, and was painted in a single coat, Inorganic Zinc system, over a class 2.5 blast treatment.




Coating Tips for Commercial Structural Steelwork

Over the past 50 years, Ferro-Clean has processed many similar projects to Siemens. Here are some useful tips for protective coatings;

·         The most commonly used primer suitable for indoor steelwork is Grey/Red Oxide Zinc Phosphate (ROZP or GOZP), typically applied at 50-75µm thick, over Class 1 or Class 2 blast treatment. See Case Study 7 – Aldi Supermarket as an example of this paint system.

·         Greater protection comes with Inorganic Zinc Silicate (IZS) – as shown in the photo below, which can provide an equivalent but more cost effective corrosion control than hot dip galvanising. This is usually applied at 75-100µm, over Class 2.5 blast treatment. See the Siemens Case Study page for the full story.

·         Two-coat systems allow choices of gloss and colours, by using an epoxy primer, then a polyurethane topcoat, both applied at 75-100µm each, over Class 2.5 blast treatment. See Case Study 4 – Masters Joondalup Store as an example of a two-coat paint system.

·         Three-coat systems are designed for highly corrosive environments, such as chemical factories or fertiliser plants. They would usually be several hundred microns thick, and different types of paint are used, depending on the circumstances, usually over Class 2.5 or Class 3 blast treatment. See Case Study 6 – Kalgoorlie Gold Mine Upgrade as an example of a three-coat paint system.


The Future for Western Australian Construction
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