Structural Steel

Did you know that Australia’s structural steel fabrication capacity is around 1.8m Tonne, and of that, Western Australia accounts over one third, with a fabrication capacity of 640,000T. Driven by WA’s mining and construction boom, Perth has become a world-renowned manufacturing centre. Obviously all this steel needs to be protected from the environment to extend its life and reduce the hazards that can result from corrosion. In 2006, annual corrosion costs in Australia were $28 billion and this figure is predicted to rise as mining enters the maintenance phase.

During the construction phase of a project, the emphasis is often on lowest price and fastest delivery.  However, treating protective coatings lightly can cause multiple issues in the maintenance phase – site maintenance painting can be a costly and disruptive process, and requires extra safety and environmental measures to achieve the same result as properly applied workshop-based coatings at the beginning of the project.

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