Case Study 8

Elizabeth Quay Boardwalk

Ensuring the superior performance of structural steelwork in another of Perth’s landmarks.

The Project


Elizabeth Quay is a $2.6bn redevelopment in the heart of Perth, currently under construction by Leighton Broad for the W.A. Government – due for completion in late 2015.


Designed to connect Perth City with the Swan River, the project includes an island, a double-arch bridge, a ferry terminal, a boat landing for pleasure craft and an eastern and western promenade for recreation and relaxation.


The parts of the promenade that extend over the river are supported by large steel frames, designed to prevent wave splash and create a stylish, modern appearance.

The Challenge


The paint specification for the project was an ultra-high build epoxy paint at 400 microns, which is designed for a marine environment and requires a skilled applicator to ‘get it right’. Any errors with the high film thickness can result in curing issues or create wrinkling on the surface.


The project manager was required to meet the schedule to align with on-site installation of each module – before the inlet was flooded with water (as planned) in July!


The coating thickness and cold temperatures in winter can increase paint curing times, potentially causing delays.

The Solution


Ferro-Clean’s experience in applying epoxy coatings at high thicknesses and the culture of attention to detail meant that the project manager could be assured of the superior quality and reliability of the coating application.


Ferro-Clean’s three workshop facilities across Perth made it easy to achieve the deadlines required for all steelwork, and the helpful staff were able to provide technical information to assist with other parts of the project.


As a result, the Elizabeth Quay project is set to open in summer this year – make sure it’s a place you visit!

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