Ferro-Clean specialises in handrail coatings, having painted an estimated 1,550 Kilometres (and counting) over the last 50 years! Ferro-Clean’s high-quality finish gives your product a superior touch, bringing added value to your product and resulting in a very pleased end-client that will recommend your product every time. Handrails are often painted to meet standards such as System Ga, G/2, PI-P1, SKM-G3, etc, or our team can recommend a suitable system for your needs. Usually, handrail is painted in an epoxy primer to around 75 µm, followed by a yellow acrylic or polyurethane topcoat to 75 µm.

Ferro-Clean’s unique custom-built production line means large quantities of your items can be processed at short notice, at an industry-first lead time. As with everything at Ferro-Clean, you can be sure the job will be done properly the first time, will pass rigid QA inspection, and costly rework or repairs will become a thing of the past. Ferro-Clean’s solution includes professional packaging – ready for transport meaning you can send it straight to site!

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