Complex Projects

From the Perth Arena to Kalgoorlie Gold Mine, Ferro-Clean has provided epoxy paint application for many different and varied projects. A lot of projects have multiple paint systems and difficult structural steel items, which require an expert applicator to get it right.

Many parts of a building project need to be painted, including structural steel, handrail, pipework, architectural facades and artwork. The paint specification for these items will vary according to the project, but may include zinc coatings for cladded areas, high build for exposed corrosive areas, safety handrail coatings and architectural coatings for building facades.

Arranging painting for a complex project is not simple – each of these components must have the appropriate protection, so the building will stand the test of time. The work needs to be done to specification, and in accordance with the construction schedule, else it will mean serious delays or costly repair work on site during construction.

Ferro-Clean has over 50 years experience providing abrasive blasting and paint application for construction projects in Perth, and have developed methods to ensure that our part of your project is Done Right – and On Time.


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