Case Study 10

Wheatstone LNG Project

How W.A’s steel fabricators helped Chevron to turn on the gas, with a new multi-billion dollar LNG Gas plant!

The Project
The Wheatstone gas deposit was discovered in 2004 by Chevron, believed to hold almost 1.7 trillion cubic metres of gas reserves, and construction began in 2011 on a multibillion dollar LNG Gas plant.


The LNG facilities were fabricated in modules overseas, but some items, such as handrail, miscellaneous structural steel, componentry and bollards, were fabricated in Western Australia.


Ferro-Clean is very thankful to have taken part in the project, providing protective coatings on some items.

The Challenge


The local steel fabrication industry in W.A. proved to be a great asset for the Wheatstone Project, as Perth’s fabricators specialise in manufacturing custom designed items to fix the clients exact need.


Repair for faulty workmanship and transport damage from overseas suppliers was also performed during construction, as well as ongoing critical maintenance, which can be performed by qualified and reputable contractors in Perth. These contractors need to provide consistent high quality, and work to your deadlines

The Solution


Ferro-Clean partners with our customers to provide a complete solution – assisting you with the project and ensuring that your client is pleased with the final result – Ferro-Clean gives you the full package.


Ferro-Clean began in January 1966, as one of the first companies in Perth to specialise in industrial painting.


Ferro-Clean continues today as a leader in the industry, still providing high quality coatings application, and with an impressive list of reputable projects to back up our performance

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